CKG April 2017

Thanks so much to Chris DeVisser, who introduced us

to the mosaic stitch in April. Chris found beautiful

mosaic stitch patterns on Ravelry for us to try out this

new skill, which uses slip stiches to give the appearance

of a colorwork fabric, while only knitting with one

color per row. The cowl pattern we practiced at the

meeting is a free pattern called the Earth Weave Cowl.

Other free patterns she recommended were the

Ballband Dishcloth and the Stripes Brigade Easy Mosaic

Throw Pillow. Some paid patterns that she brought

photos of included the Interpolate shawl by Cindy

Garland, Pucker socks by General Hogbuffer, and the #4

Mosaic Cowl by Hannah Wallace. We hope to see some

of these at the June meeting. Thanks again, Chris!






January 2017 Program

On Saturday, January 7, our speakers were Gretchen Frederick and Sue Bundy of Solitude Wool.  Gretchen and Sue are Loudon County shepherds who produce breed-specific yarns and fibers, using fleeces from small farms in the Chesapeake watershed region. Their presentation, titled “Five Farm to Yarn Stories,” included irresistible sheep photos, the story of how they teamed up to start their business, and how the characteristics of fleeces vary between breeds. We got a close-up look at their products, and there was a 10% discount for those attending the meeting.

Here’s a video interview.


Sue, Sara and Gretchen


Yarn for sale


Show and Share


October, 2016


Our guest speaker for the October meeting was Master Spinner, Patsy Zawistoski.


Her website is Spinning Guru

Patsy brought an amazing array of unusual fibers.  In addition to the traditional fibers of wool, alpaca, angora, mohair, silk and cotton – Patsy spins a wide array of plant  fibers including banana, corn, soy, flax, hemp, ramie, bamboo and tencel.

Here are some images from our Show and Share –